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Pedal Steel Guitar Master Al Brisco

With over 50 years of experience playing, repairing & building pedal steel guitars, Al Brisco, is Canada’s STEEL GUITAR AMBASSADOR.

Steel Guitars of Canada (SGC) is the premiere provider of pedal steel guitars in Canada and worldwide. In addition to various instruments and music, the store offers catalogues and events to suit a wide range of tastes. We are located near the town of Colborne, in the province of Ontario, Canada.

Al Brisco - Picking Up The Dust

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This CD by has been described as a ‘Must Have’ in your collection of steel guitar music, as endorsed by top-ranking Steel Guitar Authorities.

Here’s a sound sample from Al Brisco’s “Pickin’ Up The Dust” CD for you to listen:

Album Tracklist
  1. APPLEDALE RIDE – 2:26
    A bouncy, happy original swing-type tune named after Al’s family farm.
  2. THE HEARTACHE – 3:33
    Is a beautiful ballad written by J.K. Gulley & Tim Taylor exemplifying the haunting sound of the Pedal Steel Guitar.
  3. ALL OF ME – 2:44
    A country-swing treatment of this classic tune, made popular in recent years by Willie Nelson.
  4. WALTZ MEDLEY – 3:58
    A collection of 3 Canadian Old Time Fiddle Waltzes: THE SHANNON WALTZ; PURPLE VIOLET WALTZ; THE LAKE DOR WALTZ.
  5. FRISBEE – 2:15
    A new recording of one of Al’s original tunes, which appeared on an EASTWIND album in the ’70’s.
    A rag-timey swing feel is given to this tune, as remembered being played by Don Messer.
  7. BLUE STEEL – 3:57
    Another of Al’s compositions demonstrating the versatility of Pedal Steel sounds such as Dobro & Fuzz, as well as straight steel.
    Al’s treatment of a waltz made popular by Anne Murray.
  9. SLIGHTLY SEA 6TH – 2:25
    A steeler’s pun on words, a collage of swing tune images from the past, played on the C6th tuning.
  10. PICKIN’ UP THE DUST – 2:34
    The title track, is ‘mover’ written by Al while with EASTWIND, & may sound familiar, as it was used as the theme for the OPRY NORTH radio shows.


This is Al's second Musical Steel Guitar Instrumental CD. In addition to playing music with various groups, recording sessions, radio & TV shows throughout the years, Al got to travel to many countries doing steel guitar conventions, jamborees, seminars, etc. in such places as Germany, Holland, Ireland, Finland, Australia as well as a regular player at The International Steel Guitar Convention in St. Louis, & the Texas Steel Guitar Jamboree, & other steel gatherings throughout USA & Canada.

Al continues playing with Carroll Baker & Baker Street & Freddy Vette & His Rhinestone Plowboys & others.

Album Tracklist
  1. Ralph's Reel — An original bouncy/swing tune by Al dedicated to Ralph Mooney, who’s style was very instrumental in assisting Al to learn pedal steel.
  2. You Belong To Me A ballad recorded by several pop singers in the ‘50’s, but mostly recognized in the Country Music industry by Patsy Cline’s version...dedicated to Bro Denny Mohan (The Big ‘D’).
  3. South Of The Border / Sweet Dreams Baby — This medley is done with a variety of rhythm styles including Calypso, Reggae & 4/4 Shuffle.
  4. Swinging Doors — The Merle Haggard classic is included as requested by many who watched Al play it on his ‘The Bakersfield Sound’ instructional DVD.
  5. Swedish Rhapsody — A polka style ‘Happy’ tune made popular by The Percy Faith Orchestra, Chet Atkins, etc.
  6. What A Wonderful World — This Louis Armstrong classic flows very well on pedal steel.
  7. Buck Owen's Medley: Above & Beyond / Under The Influence Of Love / Under Your Spell Again / Foolin' Around — In this medley of 4 tunes including ‘Above & Beyond’, ‘Under The Influence Of Love’, ‘Under Your Spell Again’, & ‘Foolin’ Around’, Al uses his Fender 400 to play the original intros & breaks from these tunes, while the other steels & instruments play the verses & choruses.
  8. Harbour Lights — Al dedicates this Hawaiian classic to Mary & DeWitt ‘Scotty’ Scott.
  9. Something To Talk About — Written by Canadian Shirley Eikhard, & made popular by Bonnie Raitt, this tune is dedicated to Bob Taillefer, & is also included on the new Northern Steel II CD.
  10. The Wayward Wind — Al demonstrates some various steel playing techniques in his version of this song from the ‘50’s.
  11. Waltzing At The Appledale Cotilion — An original waltz by Al utilizing some minor chord variations.
  12. Sweet Dreams / Crazy — We endevoured to lift the original style & feel of these tunes, only substituting the steel for Patsy’s melody singing.
  13. In The Garden — A Gospel favourite dedicated to ‘Dobro’ Don Walters.
  14. Things — We’ve given a rumba feel to this Bobby Darin tune.
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