Hilton (World Wide) Power Supply for Volume Pedals

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World Wide Power Supply for Hilton Volume Pedals.(pictured with 110 Volt North American plug)

This optional 24 Volt power supply accepts the 'Interchangeable Plugs' for UK, EURO & Australia with 240 Volt power, (as well as the 110 Volt North American [Canada, US & Mexico] power).
Please specify the correct plug for your country.

(NOTE: SGC has the 110 volt plug for this power supply as well, for players who travel & may wish to use the Hilton volume pedal both at home as well when travelling abroad.)

Power Supply comes with 1 Interchangeable Plug @ $50.00 CAD.

Other plugs are available at $6.00 each.

Price: $50.00

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