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Buck Owens - Your Tender Loving Care

Recorded May 4, 1965 thru Nov. 9, 1966

Released August 7, 1967 With Tom Brumley on steel guitar.

  1. Your Tender Loving Care
  2. Song And Dance
  3. Only You (Can Break My Heart)
  4. What A Liar I Am
  5. Someone With No One To Love
  6. Rocks In My Head
  7. Sam’s Place
  8. If I Had You Back Again
  9. House Of Memories
  10. Only You And You Alone
  11. Don’t Ever Tell Me Goodbye
  12. You Made A Monkey Out Of Me
  13. Your Tender Loving Care (Single version)*
  14. Sam’s Place (Single version)

*Bonus Track

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