Northern Steel CD

This Northern Steel CD features 17 Canadian steel players one of which is Al Brisco playing the Beatles tune All My Loving with a 4/4 Country Shuffle beat.

This CD, produced by Bob Taillefer is a great addition to anyone's collection!

Featuring 17 Canadian Steel Players

  1. Lonesome 77203 (Bob Lucier)
  2. Honky Tonk Night Time Man (Dale Rivard & Andy Schick with vocals by Jason McCoy & Rick Jones)
  3. Desperado (Steve Smith)
  4. All My Loving (Al Brisco)
  5. Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye (John Lacey with vocal by Anita Perras)
  6. Raisin' The Dickens (Rusty Walker)
  7. Kindly Keep It Country (Doug Johnson)
  8. Chasing Paul (Roy Thomson)
  9. I'd Rather Have You Fat Than Happy (Al Bragg with vocal by Mike O'Reilly)
  10. Cry (Burke Carroll)
  11. One Smokey Rose (Bob Taillefer with vocal by Anita Perras)
  12. Moonglow (Bob Wingrove)
  13. Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine (Mike Holder with vocal by Anita Perras)
  14. PC Blues (Paul Cockburn, Doug Johnson, Steve Smith)
  15. Hot Burrito #1 (Neil Flanz with vocal by Mark Holland)
  16. Freddie The Freeloader (Bob Taillefer)
  17. Ghostbusters (Ed Ringwald aka Peewee Charles)
  18. Canadian Farewell (Roy Thomson)

Rhythm Track CD also available @ $18.00

Tab available for:

Kindly Keep It Country - $12.00
All My Loving - $12.00
Desperado - $12.00

Price: $18.00

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