Quilter Travis Toy 15 Steel Amp

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Quilter Travis Toy 15 Steel Amp

The Travis Toy 15 is the ultimate 15 inch steel guitar amplifier modular combo. It is powered by a remove-able Tone Block 202 head for isolation room work, and featuring tilt back legs for live stage use. Developed in conjunction with Quilter and Eminence, it represents the culmination of Travis' lifetime effort to build a legacy of great tone, honest value, and effortless performance for the Steel Guitarist.

The Travis Toy 15, utilizes the custom signature Eminence Double-T 15 speaker and is intended to be the best possible amplification system for today's modern steel guitarist. Features include laser engraved tilt back legs, a signature Double T 15 speaker, a pre-configured and tested Tone Block 202 and a custom artist badge.
Al Brisco comment....."I love the 'vintage tube amp sound' achieved via the 3-Way Switch to get the 'Ralph Mooney Bakersfield Sound' when desired!"

Tone-Block-202 Control Knobs
Gain - Limiter - Bass - Mid - Treble - Reverb - Master - Power Switch

Tone-Block-202 Switches & Jacks
3-Way Voice Switch* - Input - FX Send - FX Return - Signal Out w/2 Way Line/Headphone Switch

*Switching the 3-Way Voice Switch to the right provides a 'Vintage Sound' similar to a tube/valve amp....a very nice feature!

Tone-Block 202 Rear Panel
Power Cord Jack 100-240 V ~ 250W 50/60Hz, 4 Ohm & 8 Ohn Speaker Jacks, XLR Isolated Balanced Direct Output.

The Tone-Block amp head is secured vertically at the top-rear of the cabinet, & can be played in this position, or lifted out & placed on the top of the amp.

-Power: 200 Watts, 4-8 ohms
-Amp Weight: 33 lb. (15 kg)
-15" Custom Eminence Double-T speaker
-Tone Block 202 amp head
-Amp Dimensions: 20" Wide x 11.5" Depth  x 20" High (51 cm x 29 cm x 51 cm)
-Includes ballistic nylon cover and engraved tilt-back legs

Weight - 38.4 lb (17.4 kg)
Dimensions - 24" Wide x 15.35" Depth x 23.22" High (61 cm x 39 cm x 59 cm)

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Price: $1,999.00

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