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Quilter Tone-Block 202 Head

Quilter Tone-Block 202 Head

Sale! Sale! Sale! (Reg. $949.00 for 695.00)

The Tone-Block 202 combines a major update to our 200 power-plant pus everything we’ve learned about the Direct-Out connectivity, to deliver the ultimate single channel amp head – a complete tool kit for stage and studio. Our play anywhere power supply, enhanced speaker drive options, new voicings, and our latest Direct Out interface enhance studio recording and direct PA connections for both loud and silent stages. Brings any good speaker to life!

-Power: 200W
-Weight: 3 lb.
-3-band EQ with Gain, Limiter, Reverb and Master Controls
-Effects Loop
-XLR Direct Out and Dual 1/4″ Mono Outputs
-Optional Case: Block-Case-2

Price: $695.00

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