Telonics X-10PW 10 String Pickup

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Telonics X-10PW 10 String Pickup

The X10 it "the" pickup for most people who have guitars in which it will fit. It is literally perfectly balanced in frequency response and the adjustment poles have greater range and effect than any other pickup we have seen (and we have one or more of most every pickup ever produced in our collection). If you search the Forum you will see the responses, of course we see far more of them via the emails and letters from customers thanking us for developing them.
Such as this example from JayDee Menass.... "Well, I have been playing in my studio all morning with those new X10 pickups on my guitar, and I just wanted to call you up and say THANK GOD! Finally! I also wanted to tell you that if you change one hair on this pickup, I will personally come over there and kick your butt! I have four steels for work, & have installed X10's on all of them.... Don't Change Anything!"

One thing which makes the X10 successful is the ability we now have to wind and otherwise build each unit EXACTLY the same. This way, we are assured that each and every X10 and X12 is identical to a degree the field has not seen before.

However, this doesn't mean that the pickup replacement is simple... as it is likely that a player might install it into a guitar and expect wonders from it. That just won't/can't happen unless it is installed properly in a compatible guitar and critically ALIGNED. The alignment is another discussion. It takes JayDee 30 minutes initially, with slight tweaks over coming weeks as he plays it.

It takes about 1-2 hours for most other people, with tweaks over the next few months as it is played. This assumes that the user has both excellent amplification equipment and reasonably good ears. Another tip is to leave the pickup lead wire as it is...don't cut it shorter, & coil up any extra lead wire ^ secure it with a tie clip or cable calmp.

X-10PW Pickup Dimensions: 1.825" x 4.06" (3/4" Height)
This pickup comes with an aluminum 'Wide Mount' mounting plate: 1 15/16" x 3 7/8" (1/16" thick), as well as 3M 2-way insulating tape to secure the pickup.

Price: $280.00

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