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E9th Tab Book with RT CD (an Excellent Beginner's Course)

Al Brisco and Ernie Geroux team up to teach this BEGINNER'S COURSE for the E9th Tuning based on the 'G' Harmonic Scale & its principal chords, G,C,&D, using only the A & B floor pedals.

Covers tuning your steel, reading tab, some scale theory, left & right hand & bar techniques. Chord positions, ascending & descending scales, harmonic & blocking exercises, licks, etc.

Taught and then utilized in three tunes: Red River Valley / Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain / Release Me.

This Tab Book & CD course, including the Melody & Rhythm Tracks for the tunes, is one of the best for getting a Beginner started on the right track in learning pedal steel guitar.
Although this course was written for the standard 10 string E9th tuning, it can be utilised as well with an 8 string pedal steel tuned to E9th (without the first two chromatic strings), as well as a 6 string pedal steel tuned to the middle 6 strings of the standard 10 string E9th tuning.

Price: $30.00

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