Quick-Start Pedal Steel Video DVD

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Quick-Start Video DVD

By John Fabian & Joe Wright, originally included with all Carter-Starter pedal steel guitars.
Most of the valued information on this DVD can be applied to any 10 string E9th pedal steel guitar.

Menu: Intro
-Hookup & Volume Pedal
-Tuning By Ear
-Tuning the Pedals & Knee Levers
-Tuning With A Guitar
-Creating A Tuning Chart
-Thumb & Finger Picks
-Picking The Strings
-Holding The Bar
-Bar Tracking
-Basic Pick Grip
-Two Ways To Study
-Know Your Frets
-C Scale Pattern
-Pedal Positions
-Changing A String
-Owners Manual

The Pedal Steel Guitar E9th Tuning Demystified for Standard Guitarists

Technical Extras


Price: $20.00

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