Al Brisco – Volume Pedal Workshop

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Al Brisco – Volume Pedal Workshop

Al Brisco of Steel Guitars of Canada covers multiple topics relating to volume pedals as used by steel guitarists. The volume pedal could more correctly be called an expression pedal, as its use is an integral sound of a steel guitar's voice, making it the most important accessory for playing steel guitar.
Don't waste your money on purchasing misc. guitar or keyboard volume pedals! Get yourself a proper 'steel guitar' volume pedal such as a Goodrich, Hilton or other manufactured by steel guitar builders.

Al explains his approach to playing technique, special effects and maintenance. Rather than teach a specific song, the emphasis is on techniques that the player can apply to all songs.

Separate sections show how to replace a faulty pot in a Goodrich volume pedal and perform adjustments to the Hilton electronic pedal.

Seven chapters plus extras.

Produced by Joey Ace

Price: $25.00

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