George L’s Pre-made .225 cable 3 ft. with Nickel Straight 1/4″ plugs

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George L's Pre-made Black .225 cable x 3 ft. with standard Nickel Straight plugs.

George L's low capacitance Co-ax Cable with special anti-stat will enhance your sound no matter what size your total rig happens to be. Guitar, Steel Guitar, Bass or Effects...finally the true sound of your gear will surface. Eliminate your unwanted noise and him with George L's.

You can order custom lengths of the .225 cable in Black, as well as your choice of .225 plugs. See various links at 'Other George L's Products'.

No stripping or soldering is required! Just cut the cable, select the plug desired and tighten it down. Great Sound is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

The larger diameter of the .225 cable (app. 1/4 inch) along with the Right-Angle &/or Straight Plugs makes it ideal for using with lead or acoustic guitar, bass, keyboard, etc.

George L's has been judged #1 in Best Sound Clarity by Guitar Player Magazine in the U.S.A., with numerous Top Honors and Awards around the world. Along with a lifetime warranty on our plugs you can't go wrong.

Remember: There's a Minimum Order of $40.00 (mixed) product (+ shipping & taxes if applicable) on Mail Orders.


Price: $30.00

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