George L’s .155 Cable in Purple (per foot)

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George L's .155 Cable in Purple (per foot)

This great cable having been 'Voted #1 Cable' twice by Guitar Player Magazine is a favourite with Pedal Steel players & fantastic for wiring pedal boards, etc. or anywhere you need a smaller diameter cable. Order the .155 cable in bulk lengths, & make your own custom length cables, using the George L's .155 x 1/4 inch plugs....various models listed below.

Bonus features include:
-Quick assembly (no soldering);
-Great sound (simply do a comparison using your regular cables)....your sound comes alive.

Other available colours: Black, Blue, Red, & Orange.

Match them up with several George L's .155 plugs:
-Regular Straight Nickel
-Regular Straight Gold
-Stretched Straight Nickel
-Regular Right Angle Nickel
-Regular Right Angle Gold

Sold by the foot = 12 inches (= 30.5 cm)
The quantity entered is the number of feet of wire you are ordering.
$3.50 per foot

Remember: There's a Minimum Order of $40.00 (mixed) product (+ shipping & taxes if applicable) on Mail Orders.

Price: $3.50

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