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Henry K. Allen - How To Play The Hawaiian Steel Guitar - Book & CD

The sound of the Hawaiian steel guitar is sweet, nostalgic, and unmistakably Hawaiian. You can almost feel the trade winds and the surf in its subtle vibrato.

In this well-illustrated and easy-to-understand book, acclaimed musician Henry Kaleialoha Allen shares everything you need to know in order to play this beautiful instrument from purchasing a guitar, to performing with that special Hawaiian flourish. This primer, adapted from Allen’s popular self-published guide, features:

....written in the C6th Tuning:

  • A history of the Hawaiian steel guitar
  • Instructions for reading musical notation
  • A practical guide to buying and tuning a steel guitar
  • Guidance on using the bar
  • Sheet music for 11 original songs
  • Exercises
  • A discussion of the nuances of the Hawaiian touch

and much more.

Written for beginning and intermediate students alike, this book and its accompanying audio CD will have you playing like a pro in no time.

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