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Infinity S-10, 4&5, Blue Laminate w/case

This Infinity S-10, 4&5 represents the meticulous pedal steel design built by Frank Carter. This guitar plays very smoothly & easily with a quiet action.

Features include:
-Hard Maple Body with Laminate Finish
-3R/3L Changer
-Tuneable Split Screws
-F# Compensators on Pedals 2 & 4
-'Franklin Pedal' on Pedal 1
-Telonics X10PW humbucking pickup
-Mini Grover Tuning Machines
-24¼ inch scale
-10 Slot Rod Pullers
-Adjustable Lower Return Springs
-Wheeled Flight Case
-Wrench Kit, Tuning Chart

-Guitar = 29.2 lb. / 13.2 kg
-Wheeled Flight Case = 27 lb. / 12.3 kg


Price: $5,995.00

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