GFI Expo S-10, 3&4 Black Mica with Case

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GFI Expo S-10, 3&4 Black Mica with Case


  • Maple Die Board Body with Mica Finish
  • one piece Keyhead
  • 24 inch scale
  • Adjustable Lowering Springs
  • 3 Raise & 2 Lower Changer
  • 7 Position Rod Pullers (Bell Cranks)
  • classic wrap-around styling
  • angled frame rails
  • gray hammer-tone frame
  • GFI II humbucking pickup
  • Denim Leg Pouch
  • Hardshell Gray Carpet Covered Case

Leg & Pedal Rod Height options include 1 Inch Under-Height, & 1 or 2 Inch Over-Height.
Added pull for a Tuneable Split (usually on RKL) can be added for $50.00 CAD.
Optional LKV (Left Knee Vertical) installed with 2 Pulls available @ $350.00 CAD.

All guitars sold by SGC are set up by Al Brisco & fine tuned to the customer's copedent, & include a wrench kit, tuning charts, tip sheets, & Smart-Start DVD.

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Price: $3,420.00

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