PEC 500K ‘RW Series’ Pot for Volume Pedals

PEC 500K 'RW Series' Pot for Volume Pedals

This new style PEC 500K pot will work in most popular volume pedals & is the one used in our new ABC Volume Pedal.
This new 'RW Series' pot is designed to have a longer life than the older 'K Series' pots.
Shaft length is 1 1/4 inches (includes thread), so will fit most volume pedals including Sho-Bud, Carter, etc.
The shaft is slotted for easy adjustment.

These pots have a 'boost' app. 2/3rd's through the turn of the pot, to give you that extra sustain with your volume pedal.
Comes with wiring instructions and a 1 year guarantee.

Price: $49.00

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