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The Brisco 'Bud' is a great way to get into an 'All-Pull' pedal steel at a reasonable cost. Al Brisco & Nathan Gray have teamed up in developing & marketing this Entry-Level guitar having 10 strings with the popular E9th Nashville Tuning with 3 Foot Pedals & 4 Knee Levers. They sound good & play in tune! Check out the videos below & also open YouTube & enter Nathan Gray Steel Guitar.

The mechanism tunes simply like any professional 'All Pull' pedal steel...that is, the open tuning is tuned with the Tuning Keys on top of the guitar, while the Pedals & Knee Levers are tuned with the 3/16" hex nylon tuners in the changer end-plate.


  • All-Pull Changer with Double Raise/Single Lower;
  • Vinyl wrapped Wood Body & Neck;
  • Comfortable String Spacing;
  • Solid Knee Lever Stops;
  • Aluminum Pedal Board;
  • Custom design Single Coil Pickup;
  • 3/16 inch Nylon Tuners;
  • 24¼ inch scale;
  • Main Body Dimensions: 32"L x 7"W x 3"H (81½L x 18W x 7.5H cm);
  • includes Padded Gig Bag;
  • Gig Bag Dimensions: 34" x 23" x 20" (86L x 58W x 56H cm);

Foot Pedals
These guitars come with the most popular Emmons Style' Foot Pedal set-up, (standard A,B,C foot pedals):

  • Pedal 1 (A Pedal) raises strings 5 & 10 a Full Tone (B's to C#);
  • Pedal 2 (B Pedal) raises strings 3 & 6 a 1/2 Tone (G#'s to A);
  • Pedal 3 (C Pedal) raises strings 4 & 5 a Full Tone (E to F#, & B to C#);

Knee Levers

  • RKL or LKR can lower strings 4 & 8 a 1/2 Tone (E's to Eb), with the alternate lowering the 5th string a 1/2 Tone (B to Bb).
  • RKR lowers String 2 a 1/2 Tone (D# to D);
  • LKL raises the E's (strings 4 & 8) a 1/2 tone (E to F).

Checked over & set-up to play at its optimum!


  • Guitar alone = 21 lb. / 9.6 Kg;
  • Bud Guitar In Padded Gig Bag = 27.2 lb. / 12.4 Kg;

This guitar comes with a Padded Gig Bag, Leg Pouch, Wrench Kit, Tip
Sheets, Tuning Chart.

If you are new to Pedal Steel Guitar you will require some Essential Accessories required to play this instrument.
These include:
-Thumb & Finger Picks
proper Tone Bar (such as the Dunlop JD920)
DUNLOP JD920 Round Stainless Steel 7.5 oz. – Steel Guitars of Canada (

-a proper Volume Pedal (such as the ABC or Goodrich Model H-120 volume pedals)
ABC Volume Pedal – Steel Guitars of Canada (
GOODRICH H-120 Volume Pedal – Steel Guitars of Canada (

-3 ft. & 10 ft. guitar cables (such as the George L's .155)
George L’s Pre-made Black .155 cables, 3 ft. & 10 ft. with standard Nickel Straight plugs – Steel Guitars of Canada (

A Pedal Steel uses a different tuning method than a regular guitar or bass. As there is no adjustable bridge, we use a compensated  (sweetened) tuning to eliminate the waves (beats) between string chords.
SGC offers these tuning charts for E9th, C6th & E9/B6th, etc. tunings.
However the fool proof tuning method can be achieved by using the 'new' Peterson StroboPlus HDC (coming in September 2021) or Peterson StroboStomp strobe tuners, which take the guess work out of tuning your Pedal Steel Guitar.

Peterson Strobo-Stomp HD Tuner – Steel Guitars of Canada (

Contact SGC for suggestions, shipping & pricing options.

You may also wish to check other YouTube videos of Nathan Gray playing the 'Bud' & other guitars. Just go to YouTube & enter Nathan Gray Steel Guitar.

Price: $1,995.00

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