George L’s 10-1 19.5 Ohms Humbucking Pickup

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The sound of Jimmy Day never rang truer than in this pickup. It works great on any steel! Warm highs and full bottom!

With iron blades. Wide or Narrow Mount...just cut off the tabs not needed.

George L. Lewis has put decades of engineering expertise to work for you! Their steel guitar humbucking pickups are used worldwide by many of the best players. They are renowned for great sustain and tone response. They use only the best copper wire and shielding.

Their special combination of components will enhance your sound giving your instrument the voice you've been looking for!

-10 String George L's pickups with actual body dimensions of 3 7/8" Long x 1 3/8" Wide x 7/8" Deep, come with mounting tabs for either 'Wide Mount' or Narrow Mount' installation.
'Wide Mount' style = 3 7/8" Long x 2" Wide:
...for 'Wide Mount' simply cut off the tabs (3 in total) on both ends of the pickup.
'Narrow Mount' style = 4 1/2" Long x 1 3/8" Wide.
...for 'Narrow Mount' simply cut off the tabs (4 in total) on the long side of the pickup.


Price: $140.00

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