GOODRICH Steel Driver III Buffer Amp & Distortion Unit

This unit is actually two items in one...a Matchbox 'buffer amp, plus a deluxe fuzz unit:
-In the Steel Mode, is like the Goodrich 7A Super Sustain Matchbox (buffer amp), including an impedance-matching tone control.
It includes the features of the Model 7A such as:
-Adjustable gain of 0 dB to 15.5 dB
-Extra quiet circuit
-Full range tone control
-Excellent signal-to-noise-ratio
-By using high end of gain, and advancing the volume pedal, a long sustain can be obtained
-Powers off when output jack is unplugged

In the Fuzz Mode, it provides a distortion-fuzz circuit which can be adjusted from mild distortion to full fuzz by turning the Depth knob. The output level of each mode can be independently adjusted.

Uses two 9 volt batteries.

Battery Life: one year of more (based on 5 hours per day, 6 days per week).

Old Price: $645.00

Price: $495.00

You save: $150.00

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