Buffer Amp with level, tone and by-pass controls. Many steel players who are using this unit will not play without it!

• The popular Model 7A Super Sustain Match Box has adjustable gain of 0 dB to 15.5 dB.

• It has ideally buffered input and output.

• Extra quiet circuit.

• Full-range tone control.

• Excellent signal-to-noise ratio.

• Using high end of gain, and advancing volume pedal, a long sustain can be obtained.

• T.H.D.: .03%.

• Has battery off-on switch. It's also off when output jack is unplugged.

• Full year manufacturer's warranty on everything.

• Has a true variable gain, not just a potentiometer acting as a variable L-pad.

Uses two 9 Volt Batteries - Battery Life: One Year or more.

Price: $380.00

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