Billy Phelps – Gospel Styles #6

Billy Phelps - Gospel Styles #6 (GS-06)
For the CD "At Calvary" by Billy Phelps.

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Chord Charts & RT CD

Gospel Styles - # 6 (GS-06)
For the CD "At Calvary" by Billy Phelps.

  1. At Calvary - Eb
  2. Same Ole Town, Brand New Man - Eb
  3. Family Bible - C
  4. I'll Take It Anyway - G
  5. I'm Thankful For The Cross - Eb
  6. Praise Him With A Twang - C
  7. Mama, I Love You Today - D
  8. The Last One I'll Forget - C
  9. When I Think About Calvary - E
  10. You Can Have It All - D

This set of Rhythm Tracks has 2 versions – one with vocals and one without vocals on the same

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