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Peavey Nashville 112

This used amp is in Excellent condition!

Compact size, all-plywood enclosure
DDT™ compression speaker protection
Pre-EQ patch send return for volume pedal patch
Footswitchable post-EQ effects loop
Modified active low, mid, mid/shift, high and presence EQ
Preamp out/CD in and power amp in patch
Footswitchable effects and reverb
Master gain control
Headphone input jack that defeats internal speaker for quiet rehearsal
80 watts, 12 inch Blue Marvel® speaker (specially voiced for steel)
Weight Unpacked: 42.80 lb(19.414 kg)
Weight Packed: 50.00 lb(22.68 kg)
Width Packed: 19.488"(49.49952 cm)
Height Packed: 23.228"(58.99912 cm)
Depth Packed: 12.205"(31.0007 cm)

Price: $695.00

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