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Used HILTON ME262-B Standard Height Volume Pedal with with Power Adapter for 120 Volt Power (North America)

24 Volt Power Supply (included).

This pedal has no Pot, and it is not a light-beam pedal. This is a new technology that works like an infrared bar-code scanner. Pot pedals change tone as they change volume, which can result in inconsistent tone issues. Pot pedals can affect signal and tone quality negatively.

This Volume Pedal uses an ATTENUATOR SYSTEM which changes voltage without changing impedance, (unlike potentiometers, which can diminish tone) hence you get a constant sound throughout the pedal travel. The net result is a great sound with more gain than you've ever experienced with no old-fashioned pots to replace. This pedal makes your guitar come alive!

With the ME262-B (Patent Pending) there is no noise, just smooth, clean, quality sound. In music, the only thing that matters is the sound! The sophisticated electronics inside this revolutionary pedal will bring out all your guitar can offer, and MORE! There is even an advance pre-amp incorporated into the electronics. A 12-volt adapter for the North American 120 Volt AC power is furnished with the unit. In addition to the standard 115 volt North American plug, we offer the optional 230 volt power adapter with 'interchangeable Plugs' for use in Europe, Great Britain, & Australia. The housing of the volume pedal is grade-A aircraft cast aluminum. Height is important and this pedal has the lowest height profile in the industry.

-Full Off position: Heel Height = 7/8 inch (23 mm) - Toe Height = 3 ¾ inches (95 mm)
-Full On position: Heel Height = 1 ¾ inches (45 mm) - Toe Height = 2 5/16 inches (59 mm)

Price: $250.00

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