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Seiko ST 369 TOLV Quartz Music Tuner

This Digital Tuner has the 'Cents' scale.
NOTE: A Steel Guitar is NOT tuned up to a 'center point' of a needle metered tuner as is done with a regular guitar or bass. Since steel guitars do not have an adjustable bridge, we need to use a 'compensated' or 'Sweetened' method to remove the beats (musical waves) between string chords to make a more pleasing sound.
SGC includes the Jeff Newman pedal steel tuning charts with the tuner...please specify for E9th, E9th/C6th, or  E9th/B6th Universal.

-Power Switch
-Octave Select dial
-Scale Select Dial
-Pitch-Shift Switch
-Battery Check
-Built-In Microphone
-External Input Jack
-External Output Jack
-Cents Meter
-AC Adaptor Jack (CD9V)

Also includes the original box, plastic carrying case, & Instruction Manual.

Price: $40.00

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