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Sarno Freeloader Buffer Amp

A popular 'Buffer Amp' used by many steel guitar players to enhance their sound.

The FreeLoader is both a buffer and a tone control designed for pedal steel guitar. It clips on the leg of the steel guitar and is the very first electronic device the pickup sees. The internal 9v battery powers a very simple circuit using the highest grade audio components that help capture a clear, clean, and sweet tone from the pickup.

In addition to this buffer circuitry the FreeLoader includes a tone-control knob based on the electronic principle of “loading” or “impedance loading”. This type of tone control actually uses the pickup itself as part of the circuit. The result is extremely musical and natural sounding, allowing you to dial in a crisp, clear, bright tone or a dark, fat, mellow tone, and everything in between.

This pedal is in Excellent Condition & includes a leg clip.

Price: $75.00

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