GOODRICH L-120 Low Profile Volume Pedal

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GOODRICH L-120 Volume Pedal is the Low Profile version of the Standard 120.

The 'NEW' Goodrich L-120 now comes with new Goodrich pot installed, which has a longer life span than the previous pots. It is a low profile version of the Goodrich 120 Volume Pedal, which has long been a favorite of the professionals because of its simplicity and dependability, and because it does what it's supposed to do - control volume smoothly and quietly. Use either output for driving one amp. It has two outputs for driving two amps or two channels of one amp, mixing console, etc. Handcrafted in the USA.

This Low Profile model is a 1/2 inch lower than the Model H-120, to give some extra clearance under the pedal steel guitar.

Lead Guitar players love it as well.

Price: $375.00

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