BJS Plain 15/16″ John Hughey Tone Bar

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BJS Plain 15/16" John Hughey Tone Bar

Length: 3 9/16"  (Can be used for 10 or 12 strings)

App. Weight: 9.4 oz

BJS Bars set themselves apart from all others. Each bar begins with a specially selected metal that goes through a high quality machining process, buffing, hardening, buffing again, hard chrome plating, and a final buffing and polishing. From this meticulous effort, BJS Bars offer a lasting quality in feel, tone, sustain, and play ability. In addition, BJS Bars offer the widest selection of sizes and styles available.

Comes with a velour pouch.

If you have never played a BJS, your search for that perfect bar can end here.

Price: $175.00

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